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welllllllllllllllllllllll  Somehow or other I appear to have agreed to train for next years London marathon.  WHAT? WHAT?  WHAT DID I JUST SAY??  I can't possibly do that!  I'd need to lose 6 stone!  Panic!  Arrgh!  Run away!  I can't run for more that 5 minutes!!!!!!!

Anyway in the sprit of "I can't possibly do that" I've just spent £32 on applying for a place and yesterday....

JOGGING from the end of the road and round the park - about 10 minutes??. Well stopping and starting really.  I'm quite proud!

On Wednesday My two pals and I are meeting up to jog round Green Park.  Pal C works in Buckingham Palace and we shall get to get changed in the staff quarters!  Cool!

Not sure where else to start  -  I'll sign up to my calorie counting website again (waving credit card as we speak - for an unemployed person I'm spend DA CASH rather freely) I also need DECENT BLOODY RUNNING SHOES.  The "free" ones are really not upto it!  AND I also need at least one very good sports bra!  (There's a good idea!  Get Bravissimo to sponsor me!)  

I want to build up fitness before running too far.  I need a new bicycle as well.  Sigh.  This Marathon running is expensive!

I probably ought to get checked out at the doctors too....  On Wednesday I'll draw up a proper training plan! Any input gratefully received!

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