This Confession Has Meant Nothing (superba) wrote in pelle_elves,
This Confession Has Meant Nothing

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I mustered up the energy to try on a pair of very skinny, tight black trousers over the weekend. I really want to wear them to The Hives gig at the end of November, but I had the fear they'd be too tight, as I've put weight on since buying them (and they are pretty unforgiving!).

Anyway... they fitted...! ?? I am incredulous, but pleased as punch obviously. I've not been keeping up with my exercising as much as I should have been, due to being pretty busy over the last few weeks - and laziness, I admit. But what I have been doing seems to have been enough, it's great. So with just a little more effort, I can hopefully garner more results? Here's hoping.

Now I just need a top for the gig ;)
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