This Confession Has Meant Nothing (superba) wrote in pelle_elves,
This Confession Has Meant Nothing

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and so it begins.

30mins and 104 calories burnt (according to my step machine). Very out of practice, but hope to work my way up.

I need to lose some of this needless extra weight I've gained this year. Ideally in time for my birthday so I can wear a nice dress!
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good girl!

add some pilates for amazing dress-fitness - I solidly swear by it (as does my midsection, which is otherwise not my proudest part)!
are there any online pilates resources? it's something I've always meant to look into but never got around to it...
there must be! I just bought a $9 DVD from amazon, that's how I got started. if you're going for a DVD, I recommend ana caban - she's really good at what she's doing. there is also a whole bunch of books, of which I a couple, but you really only need one! but online resources, hmmm... I can't think of anything at the moment, and as I am on my mom's computer, I can't browse through my one million useless links!