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Gym check-in

The gym, oh the gym. ♥ the gym. I have been sick, so I haven't gone in nearly a week (again!). I missed it! I feel sooooo good. I did 10 mins on the EFX for 113 cals, a weight circuit (they say it's 300+ cals the way we do it), 25/25/25/25 crunches (front, sides, lower), and then 15 mins on the EFX for 130 (or was it 160?...) cals. I got home feeling so oomphy that I did a round of DDRE. Would have done more, but the baby was tres fussy. ♥ the gym.

On a similar note, I think I'm beginning to understand runner's euphoria. I've always sought it, but have never been able to run long enough or hard enough to get it. On the EFX, my excess weight isn't crashing down on all my bones and joints every time I step, and I can keep a much faster pace for a much longer time. I close my eyes and sink into my music and I feel like I'm running on clouds. It's so fabulous. I wish I had more time to spend at the gym because I hate to sacrifice my weight circuit ever, but I'd love to spend more time on the EFX sometimes. I guess once a week or so I'll have to forgo my weights and just do the EFX. ♥
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the EFX is the best invention ever. I could not live without it! (well, I could of course, but my knees would hurt a lot. :))